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Lesson 1- Loving Yourself

Your Heart Thought for today: I am open and receptive.

If we do more work to create good in our lives but there’s a part of us that doesn’t believe we are worth it, we are not going to believe the words we are saying as we look in the mirror. We will reach a point at which we start thinking, mirror work doesn't work.

The truth is, the perception that mirror work doesn’t work has nothing to do with the mirror work itself or the affirmations we say. The problem is that we don’t believe we deserve all the good that life has to offer. If that’s your belief, then affirm: I am open and receptive.

Lesson 2- Making The Mirror Your Friend

Heart thought for today. I am deserving.

Sometimes we refuse to put any effort into creating a good life for ourselves because we believe that we don’t deserve it. The belief that we don’t deserve it may come from our early childhood experiences. We might be buying into someone else’s concept or opinion that has nothing to do with our own reality.

Deserving has nothing to do with being good. It is our unwillingness to receive the good in life that gets in the way. Allow yourself to except the good, whether you think you deserve it or not.

Lesson 3- Monitoring Your self Talk

Heart thought for today. I always have a choice.

Most of us have foolish ideas about who we are and many rigid rules about how life should be lived. Let’s remove the word should from our vocabulary forever. Should is a word that makes prisoners of us. Every time we use the word should, we are making ourselves wrong or someone else wrong. We are, and a fact, saying: not good enough.

What can be dropped from your should list? Replace the word should with the word could. Could lets you know that you have a choice, and choice is freedom. We need to be aware that everything we do in life is done by choice. There really is nothing we have to do. We always have a choice. 

Lesson 4- Letting Go Of Your Past

Lesson 5- Building Your Self-Esteem

Lesson 7- Loving Yourself: A Review

A heart thought for today. All my experiences are right for me.

We’ve been going through doors since the moment we were born. That was a big door and a big change, and we have been through many doors since then.

We came to this lifetime equipped with everything we need in order to live fully and richly. We have all the wisdom and knowledge we need. We have all the abilities and talents we need. We have all the love we need. Life is here to support us and take care of us. We need to know and trust that this is so.

Doors are constantly closing and opening, and if we stay centered in ourselves, then we will always be safe, no matter which door we will pass through. Even when we pass through the last doorway on this planet, it is not the end. It is simply the beginning of another new adventure. Trust that it is alright to experience change.

Today is a new day. We will have many wonderful new experiences. We are loved. We are safe.

Lesson 8- Loving Your Inner Child- Part One

Your heart thought for day 8: I embrace my inner child with love.

Take care of your inner child. It is the child who is frightened. It is the child who is hurting. It is the child who does not know what to do. Be there for your child. Embrace it and love it and do whatever you can to take care of it's needs. Be sure to let your child know that no matter what happens, you will always be there for it. You will never turn away or desert it. You will always love this child.

Lesson 9 - Loving Your Inner Child- Part 2

Your heart thought for day 9: I am willing to change and grow.

You are willing to learn new things because you do not know at all. You’re willing to drop old concepts when they no longer work for you. You are willing to see your behavior and say “I don’t want to do that anymore.” You know you can become more of who you are. Not become a better person – that would imply that you were not good enough, which isn’t true – but more of who you really are.

Growing and changing is exciting, even if you have to look at the some painful things within yourself in order to do so.

Lesson 10- Loving Your Body- Healing Your Pain

Heart Thought for Day 10: I listen Carefully to My Body’s Messages 

Lesson 11 - Feeling Good, Releasing Your Anger

Your heart thought for today: I deserve to feel good.

Life is very simple. We create our experiences by our patterns of thought and feeling. What we believe about ourselves and about life becomes true for us. Thoughts are only words strong together. They have no meaning whatsoever. It is we who give meaning to them. We give meeting to them by focusing on the negative messages over and over in our minds.

What we do with our feelings is very important. Are we going to act them out? Will we punish others? Sadness, loneliness, guilt, anger, and fear are all normal and motions. But when these feelings take over and become dominant, life can be an emotional battle field.

Through your work, self love, positive affirmations, you can nourish yourself and relieve any of the anxiety you may be feeling at the moment. Do you believe that you deserve peace and serenity in your emotional life?

Affirmation: I release the pattern in my consciousness that is creating resistance to my good. I deserve to feel good.

Lesson 12- Overcoming Your Fear

Your heart thought for today: I am always perfectly protected.

Remember: when a fearful thought comes up, it is just trying to protect you. Tell the fear, “I appreciate that you want to help me.”

Follow that with an affirmation to address that particular fear. Acknowledge and thank the fear, but don’t give it power or importance.

Lesson 13- Starting Your Day With Love

Your heart thought for today: I open new doors to life.

You are standing in the corridor of life, and behind you many doors have closed. The doors represent things you no longer do or say or think, experiences you no longer have. Ahead of you is an unending corridor of doors, each one opening to a new experience.

As you move forward, see yourself opening doors on wonderful experiences you would like to have. See yourself opening doors to Joy, peace, healing, prosperity, and love. Doors to understanding, compassion, and forgiveness. Doors to freedom. Doors to self worth and and self-esteem. Doors to love. It’s all here before you. Which door will you open first?

Trust that your inner guide is leading you in the ways that are best for you and that your spiritual growth is continuously expanding. No matter which door opens or which door closes, you were always safe.

Lesson 14- Loving Yourself: A Review

Your heart thought for today: I am willing to see only my magnificence.

Choose to eliminate from your mind and your life every negative, destructive, fearful idea and thought. No longer listen to or become part of detrimental thoughts or conversations. Today no one can harm you because you refuse to believe in being hurt. You refuse to indulge in damaging emotions, no matter how justified they may seem to be. You rise above anything that attempts to make you angry or afraid. Destructive thoughts have no power over you.

You think and say only what you want to create in your life. You are more than adequate for all you need to do. You are one with the Power that created you. You are safe. All is well in your world.

Lesson 15- Forgiving Yourself and Those Who Have Hurt You

Heart thought for today. I can forgive.

I am one with life, and life loves me and supports me. Therefore, I claim for myself an open heart filled with love. We are all doing the best we can at any given moment, and this is also true for me. The past is over and done. I am not my parents or their patterns of resentment. I am my own unique self, and I choose to open my heart and allow love, compassion, and understanding to flush out all memories of past pain. I am free to be all that I can be. This is the truth of my being, and I accept it is so. All is well in my life.

Lesson 16- Healing Your Relationships

Heart thought for today: I live in a circle of love.

Envelope your family in a circle of love, whether family members are living or not. Broaden the circle to include your friends, your loved ones, your coworkers, everyone from your past, and all the people you would like to forgive but don’t know how. Affirm that you have wonderful, harmonious relationships with them all, with respect and caring on both sides.

Know that you can live with dignity and peace and joy. Let the circle of love envelope the entire planet, and let your heart open so that you can have space within you for unconditional love.

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